It is sometimes mistaken to assume that anything related to romance is aimed at shojo, meaning girls. However, there are many romance manga or rom-com manga that are specifically geared towards a male audience, be it Shonen or Seinen. And thereby Kaguya-sama: Love is war has become one of the biggest exponents.

Kaguya-sama's manga ended and it can now be said that it was certainly one of the most influential romcoms of recent years. Thanks to his goal, published in Weekly Young Jump, Aka Akasaka had the intelligence to take all of the genre's classic tropes and flip them at will. deconstruct and reconstruct them depending on the situation. This, along with its well-described and well-developed characters throughout the story, has managed to build a truly engaging yet entertaining story.

the Pillar of it all is the protagonist Kaguya Shinomiya, certainly not the princess to be saved, but a girl who, thanks to a remarkable intelligence and also a great economic power, can save herself. But undoubtedly it is also distinguished by its beauty, as it is considered one of the most beautiful of the Shuchiin. One of the things that struck Shirogane was his red eyes, which resemble sparkling rubies.

Pysiula who created this also tried Kaguya Shinomiya cosplay with red eyes reminiscent of the rubies mentioned by Miyuki Shirogane. With Shuchiin's uniform, hairstyle and a few well-arranged accessories, Pysiula has managed to captivate the viewer. And alternatively there is a Kaguya cosplay by Japan's most famous cosplayer.

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