At the second concert date "Zombieland Saga LIVE - FranChouChou Saga yo Tomoni Waite Kure“This Sunday it was announced that the original anime was coming out of the studios MAPPA and the producer Avex, Zombieland sagaShe will show a film that is already in development. Production details and the release date will be announced shortly.

To reveal the news, a special video with the actors was broadcast during the concert Hakuryuu and Kunio Muraiwho are big stars from Saga Prefecture.

The twelve-part first season of Zombieland saga was released in October 2018 in Japan, with the production of the studios MAPPA, Headed by Munehisa Sakai and scripts written by Shigeru Murakoshi. A second season premiered in Japan on April 8th and had twelve episodes while Crispy roll carries it over to the west.

Zombieland saga

Summary of the Zombieland saga

Over the centuries, a group of legendary girls have turned into zombie idols in an attempt to save Saga Prefecture. It's the return of the innovative zombie idol anime! One day, Minamoto Sakura lost her life in an unfortunate accident. Ten years later ... When Sakura wakes up in a strange mansion, the mysterious idol producer Tatsumi Kotaro tells her that he is going to join a group of legendary girls to start an idol unit. The seven girls have a mission to save the missing Saga Prefecture and take on the group name Franchouchou.

After overcoming difficulties due to their varying ages and eras in history, their undead zombie bodies enable them to defy expectations of idols. In the last winter of the Heisei era, they gave their first concert in the Furusato exhibition hall in Karatsu, Arpino and took another step towards legend. Now in the modern Reiwa era ... The curtain opens on a new chapter in the history of Franchouchou as they march into a bright and hopeful future.

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