On the official site for the animated adaptation of the adult manga written and illustrated by Tanishi Kawano, Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi ((Fire in his fingertips) a new promo image was released for the second season of the project. The picture shows Ryou Fujihashi's ex-boyfriend, Rei Hidaka, interpreted by Haru Amano in the explicit version.

The premiere of this second season is scheduled for July 4th in Japan. A censored version will be broadcast on television and an explicit version via the application ComicFesta On the same day. On the other hand, the first season premiered in July 2019 and had a total of eight episodes.


  • Kento itou Y. Margarine tengu as Souma Mizuno.
  • Natsumi Takamori Y. Ion Momoyama as Ryou Fujihashi.
  • Tomohito Takatsuka Y. Ii Kinniku as Yuuki Izumi.
  • Wataru komada Y. Yuu Asagi as Jun Hase.

Production team

  • Toshihiro Watase ((Hamatora The animation; Nah, Chanto Shiyou Yo!) was responsible for directing the first season in Studio hokiboshi.
  • Tombo was responsible for writing and overseeing the scripts for the first season.
  • Katsuyuki Sato ((Pastel memories, island) was responsible for the character design of the first season.

Synopsis of Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi

Ryou Fujihashi wakes up in flames with his apartment. Ryou is caught in a deadly fire and cannot escape. He desperately makes all the noise possible to alert their neighbors. Fortunately, someone called the fire department and can save them quickly. In a strange twist of fate, one of the firefighters turns out to be his childhood friend, Souma Mizuno. Although she was once interested in him, their crush was short-lived due to Souma's infamous womanizing practices.

But since Ryou is homeless and all of his belongings are lost, Souma opens his home for him. When he moves in with his childhood friend, Ryou has to set physical boundaries because crossing them means jumping straight into Souma's lustful arms. But due to his continued interest in her, Ryou realizes that he could rekindle the burning flames of passion between them. However, approaching Souma means constant interaction with the rest of the sexy, muscular firefighters, and while Souma's heart is on Ryou, can he keep him from wandering around?

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