New Year New Life. While many ponder the list of new resolutions for 2023, even the main card games in circulation are trying to reinvent themselves, especially for competitive players. After the announcement of the rotation, the standard format of the Pokémon trading card game is due today Konami unveils the Yu-Gi-Oh! championship series from 2023.

With a press release published in the last few days, the Japanese company has indeed revealed that the 250th Edition of the Yu-Gi-Oh! championship series (or YCS) will take place in April 2023 in three different locations location scattered all over the world. As every year, the championship will be an opportunity for the best players worldwide to compete against each other and show their skills and the latest developments in the world metagame.

Three YCSs will be held simultaneously worldwide on the weekend of April 1-2, 2023. The first will be held in North America, in Los Angeles, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The second is for South America and will be held in Bogotà, Colombia at the Agora Bogotà Convention Center. Finally, the third is destined for Europe and will stop in the UK at the ExCeL in London. It should be remembered that these championships are limited to TCG players, while the OCG, the format intended for Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, follows different rules and dates, resulting in a Circuit clearly separated from western.

In any case, if you are lucky enough to register for duels in tournaments, you will receive a game mat and a Field Center car exclusive, while the winners of the three prestigious events a Ultra Rare version of the Otherverse Dragon card, specially printed by Konami for those who will triumph in a 2022-2023 season tournament. Of course, in addition to the promo card, each winner will receive a special YCS trophy.

In addition to the main tournaments Konami has organized various side events, such as B. Public Tournaments open to all Duelists (including those not registered with the YCS) with popular formats such as 3v3 and Tag Duel. Space also for the digital card game, with official tournaments from Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel.

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