In the second half of the 1990s, Weekly Shonen Jump allowed Kazuki Takahashi to serialize a new manga. Yu-Gi-Oh. Moving from one game to another, the series with Yugi Muto focused on just one of them, the Dueling Monsters, and many characters have participated in duels that immortalized the saga.

Among the main characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! there are Joey Wheelerwhich was repeatedly shown very close to the friend rival Never a Valentine. Despite the initial friction and constant teasing from one side and the other, Joey and Mai have a very deep bond that led fans to develop into a real relationship.

The original mangaka, Kazuki Takahashi, decided to share a few illustrations with these two characters from Yu-Gi-Oh. But since it is summer everything has obviously been done to adjust it during that time. This is how we see Takahashi at the end of the picture Joey and Mai at the seaside together. Little space is devoted to Joey that is banished below, while we see one in the foreground sensual May Valentine with a purple costume.

Takahashi’s style has changed a lot since the days he drew Yu-Gi-Oh on Weekly Shonen Jump. What do you think of this illustration of the mangaka? Kazuki Takahashi also shared a picture of fighting the corona virus with protagonist Yami Bakura via his Instagram account Studio Dice.

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