After the arrival of X-Men: X the swordsWe find that an incredible preview of the new Marvel Comics series has long been in sight. Indeed, Moira's ninth life is closely related to the work of Jonathan Hickman.

It had long been known that X-Men: X of Swords was destined to revolutionize the mutated universe, but no one could ever have imagined that the series had one Background so big and detailed. The project of the writer Jonathan Hickman had already been started in "House of X / Power of X".

The Powers of X series is all about them ninth life of Moira Mactaggertwho had a drastic plan to save the mutated genre: allied with Apocalypse. Long before Charles Xavier could form the X-Men, the two new allies killed him and Magneto instead of joining them as in other lives. After these brutal eliminations, Apocalypse created its own X-Men, the Original Knights.

After a first sacrifice in X of Swords: Creation, readers have now learned that the Original Knights and Arakko, the other half of the living island of Krakoa, were lost after an ancient war on the dark side of the Otherworld. The Apocalypse sacrificed his children to save the world, but after wandering the abyss for thousands of years, now they are returned in search of vengeance. With this incredible backdrop, one can understand that Moira's contribution will be fundamental in the battle between the X-Men and the Original Knights. The X of Swords crossover will bring incredible satisfaction to readers.

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