X-Men: X of Swords Creation revealed a new mutant with incredible power

The Marvel event continues to hold the attention of all readers by loading every page of X-Men: X of Swords Creation with excitement. This time, to hold our breath, we think of a new mutant.

With an enigmatic video (we invite you to watch the trailer for X-Men: X of Swords Creation here), the Marvel comic caught attention from the start. The reader's interest was well rewarded Thanks to an interesting story that gradually reveals more and more details about the world in which the events of the Marvel home run take place.

Having already faced spectacular clashes between the Krakoa Masters and Arakko MastersIn the next few issues, Marvel will introduce us to a new mutant whose power seems to be unmatched. This is Isca, the sister of Genesis. Genesis himself speaks about this mutant, who also reveals her fearsome power: Isca is literally unbeatable. According to her sister, Isca has the power to adapt to any fight so that she always gains an advantage over her opponent.

It goes without saying that this type of skill would improve the X-Men’s ability to use their opponents' weaknesses to their advantage. The most difficult fight therefore seems to be ready. We wait for more news and leave our in-depth analysis of the new Marvel series titled SWORD.

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