X-Men: Two historical writers return with a miniseries for mutants

Fans following the misadventures of X-Men You long remembered the discussions that broke out in the late 1980s when rumors surfaced of a third brother, Summers, younger than twins Scott and Alex, Cyclops and Havok. The original idea came from an author who will soon be returning with a new series: Fabian Nicieza.

Nicieza was able to perfectly continue the great work of the English in the early 90s Chris Claremontwho signed some of the stories most loved by readers, and the two have decided to collaborate on a new miniseries centered on the third brother, Summers, a character that has been mysterious since 1993.

It was Marvel Comics themselves to announce the series yesterday X-Men Legendswho will see the return of the most important authors in the editorial history of the X-Men, who were able to irreversibly mark their fate and tell unforgettable stories. But the most interesting thing is that the writers have to do this Link the events of Legends to the events they told themselves many years ago. At the bottom of the page you can find the cover of X-Men Legends.

Nicieza was very impressed with the project and said: "It's incredibly exciting to finally be able to tell the story of the infamous third brother, Summers. To make 25 years to discover the truth about Adam-X, masterfully drawn by Brett Booth, was one of the most surreal experiences of my career! The opportunity to Tell his story as you release the new X-Men Legends series is EXTremely EmoXionante! "

Remember that a new mutant was introduced in X of Swords and that Wolverine changed the fate of the tournament organized by Saturnyne.

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