The animated project by Dragon Ball great it's just suspended even if it's been since 2018. However, TOEI Animation has plans for the franchise and the numerous rumors about it only confirm it. Anyway, what can we expect from the return of the TV series?

What happened to Dragon Ball Super 2? A question that fans have been waiting for an answer for some time and that should theoretically be announced during the course of 2023. TOEI animation he is working on a new feature film, which will not be released anytime soon, as well as parallel to a web anime of which nothing is known yet.

However, should the television series return regularly to continue its weekly run, we have to reckon with the manga adaptation of Toyotaro and on the other hand the television adaptation of the last two films. In fact, the animation studio will likely continue to push to cover both of these films, which have generated astounding box office returns in recent years, on the small screen as well. A little was done with 'The Battle of the Gods' And 'The resurrection of F'.

But do you think Dragon Ball Super 2 will also adapt the film in a TV key? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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