Finally here after a very long wait Boruto anime series has resumed adapting the manga of the same name by Masashi Kishimoto and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. This joy will not last long, because Boruto's anime will soon be going on a longer break.

The rumors on the matter have been heating up, but the official announcement has finally arrived. With episode 291 of Boruto releasing this week, there are only two episodes left at the end of the first part of the series. But Is it inevitable that Boruto's anime will go on hiatus? The answer is yes, but let's understand why.

There Tails Onslaught saga in the anime studio Pierrot it started in episode 287 with the adaptation of the conversation between Isshiki and Code that took place in chapter 55 of the manga series just before the death of the Otsutsuki and the return of the heroes to Konoha. After only three episodes aired, the anime has already adapted the manga to cover almost the entirety of Chapter 63. As you can easily deduce from this analysis, within In just four weeks, the animated series has covered what transpired in the manga in almost nine months of serialization.

The Boruto manga is currently stuck at chapter 78, 79 will come out soon, but if the anime continued at this pace, it would be accomplished in a very short time. Although the 2022 Boruto anime consisted entirely of original sagas, the Manga has failed to distance itself from the customization needed to resume production.

The hiatus for the Boruto anime is almost mandatory as fans just wouldn't agree to return to witness more unreleased story arcs in the manga. But this break will prove sufficient, otherwise Boruto was supposed to be a seasonal animeand no longer weekly?

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