The attack of the giants and Vinland Saga are just two of the titles WIT Studio has been working on in recent years. However, these are two fairly important projects for the animation industry, which the company later abandoned due to issues that were never entirely clear to the community.

For those who don't remember, the final season of The Attack of the Giants actually passed into the hands of MAP studyalso happened to Vinland Saga 2. However, many users greeted this handover with skepticism, since WIT had done an excellent job up to this point George Wadathe studio's producer recently clarified the matter to Anime News Network:

"For all WIT Studio titles, we wanted to create sequels to these series. Five years earlier, DVD sales were a major contributor to many of those titles. As a business model, the decision to make a sequel depended entirely on DVD sales. Back then for all those stocks you just mentioned [Attacco dei Giganti, Vinland Saga e The Ancient Magus Bride], we only had a contract for the first season. As soon as the DVD sales results came out, we got an offer to do a second season based on those results. At that time, my managerial skills weren't as good as they are now, so I couldn't immediately add more seasons to the schedule because I already had other shows waiting for funding. And of course, fans and publishers want Season 2 out as soon as possible, resulting in it being animated by a different studio."
Then he adds: "It's not your fault, so I think it was the right decision in those cases. The increasing number of fans worldwide and the number of streaming platforms available allow us to make more long-term decisions about the continuity of a series. What I want to achieve with WIT Studio in the future is that we now have the financial basis to rent longer."

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of his words? Tell us what you think about it with a comment below.

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