Cutty Flam died many years before the start of ONE PIECE. The little boy with the blue hair that was thrown away by his pirate parents he was reincarnated as Frankylater became a carpenter and later a member of the Straw Hat crew to keep tabs on and repair the Thousand Sunny until the end of her voyage, Laugh Tale.

There are obviously some very interesting points in Cutty Flam's life that are worth reviewing and analyzing. Surely most of it so far has been devoted to Pluton, the ancestral weapon whose projects ended up in his hands. However, there is one more point that ONE PIECE enthusiasts would like to know better.

Shortly after it was announced that Tom would be executed by the Navy forever, Franky tried to save him, but a bad accident left him dying in the middle of the sea. Only the encounter with an unknown stray ship it allowed him to survive: there he modified his body and returned to live as a cyborg. But why was there such high-end technology on the ship?

In the last chapters of ONE PIECE We reviewed MADS, the scientific vegapunk organization discovered thanks to flashbacks in Judge Vinsmoke and Caesar Clown's mini-adventures. In one of the recent mini-adventures drawn by Eiichiro Oda, it appears right there MADS shipfunded by underworld boss Lu Feld.

This ship bears a close resemblance to the one Franky encountered all those years ago. In fact, the MADS must have been disbanded by this point and so the ship went adrift without a captain, luckily for the boy. That's why Franky was able to modify his body. A Theory connecting MADS to Franky though not directly.

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