ONE PIECE always offers connections between events and characters, sometimes even difficult to remember due to the time dilation of the release. It is no coincidence that there are references to things that happened 100, 200 or even 500 chapters earlier, which coincides with a difference of four or even ten years of publication, so many.

Because of this, some connections are occasionally lost, but the most attentive fans manage to do this. An example is an event in ONE PIECE 1072, the ending of which left everyone shocked for various reasons. Stussy has revealed that she is the clone of a character already well known to manga readers, but who has not been thought of as having great depth: CP0's wife is the Clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy.

But who exactly is it? Miss Buckingham Stussy is a former crew member of Rocks D. Xebec and therefore traveled on the same ship as Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom. Now she is 76 years old and a short woman, only 68 centimeters tall, with a wrinkled face, blonde hair in a bob and sunglasses. As a young woman, she was a beautiful looking woman, just like the clone, and appears to be a member of an as yet unspecified vampiric race. After the Rocks crew disbanded, she continued to roam the seas in the company of her son, Edward Weevil, whom she claims is the son of Whitebeard and she introduces herself by the name of Miss Buckin.

If she hasn't shown great power in the present as an old woman, even if she hasn't been seen often, her clone Stussy will be able to clarify what her abilities are. And you imagined Edward Weevil's mother being such an important figure?

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