The current saga of My hero academia demonstrated Kohei Horikoshi's ability to orchestrate the franchise's characters with attention to detail and epic. In fact, the story has had exciting twists and turns so far, and it seems that the sensei has a few more to tell. One thing in particular concerns Deku's father.

We have little information on the protagonists 'parents, with a few sporadic and not very detailed exceptions such as the latest news about Hawks' father. That curiosity, which emerged from Chapter 291 of My Hero Academia, once again underscored the sensei's ability to insert the missing puzzle pieces at the right time. Anyway We know very little about Deku's father and that is strange for one of the parents of the protagonist of the story.

We currently know his name, Hisashi Midoriyaand we know that at some point in his life he married Inko Midoriya, Izuku's mother. We also know two small but important details: We know that with the first works outside of Japan, a task which seems so important that it prevents him from returning home for his son's interventions or investigating the sudden appearance of the quirk in Deku. The second element, however, concerns its peculiarity "Fiery breath", an ability that enables him to breathe fire like a dragon.

His name is a play on words that literally "a long time ago", a clear indication of his absence from home. Finally, it's important to add one of the few words that can be expressed by Kohei Horikoshi in that regard, or that he intends to bring up Hisashi Midoriya at some point in history. Could the sensei be planning to record the appearance of Deku's father at a special moment? Most importantly, what job will ever keep him this far from home? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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