The Naruto anime has turned 20 years old and numerous special events have been organized to celebrate the anniversary. In one of them, Junko Takeuchi, the Original voice actor for Naruto UzumakiHe revealed his favorite scene from the anime.

Naruto is a timeless work, one of the most popular shonen of all time, which has shaped the lives of many fans. The story created by Masashi Kishimoto is full of twists and turns and emotional moments, and picking a favorite is a very personal decision. Naruto's voice just revealed his.

For the debut of NARUTO THE GALLERY, a special exhibition organized to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Studio Pierrot anime, Junko Takeuchi allowed herself to be involved in an interview that prompted her to reveal it favorite scene. As Naruto's voice actress, you might think her favorite moment is one involving the blonde hero of Konoha. Well, that's not the case.

Takeuchi said that there are countless scenes in Naruto that deserve attention, but that his favorite is one that doesn't directly relate to Naruto. Apparently the scene that aroused her the most is that final greeting between the Ino-Shika-Cho and their master, this is the farewell between Shikamaru, Ino and Choji and Asuma.

After what was revealed The scene was intense even in the recording room and when the voice actress saw the resulting footage, she realized what an excellent job the team had done and how much of a human contribution they had made. And what's your favorite scene?

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