One of the main opponents of Dragon ball is Freeza, a villain we met thanks to the numerous roles he played in both "Z" and the most recent sequel. In addition, the ruthless Emperor of Evil is also likely to play a role in the Granolah saga, as he is directly linked to the Cereleans.

Among the baddest characters in the mythology of Akira Toriyama, freezer He is undoubtedly one of the most ruthless, an individual who has not hesitated to exterminate entire planets and every creature that stands before him in order to hinder his plans. You can definitely find out more about the character in our short special of 5 Curiosities You May Not Know About Freeza.

We definitely don't have a lot of information regarding his race, but the little we have in our possession comes from the same Dragon Ball father during a Q&A following the release of thespecial episode of Bardak. At that time, the sensei actually revealed the following:

""Freeza is a mutated form of life. More precisely, his father is a mutant with abnormal and high fighting potential. After he was born to his father, he too had acquired all of these mutated traits. As a result, even when we speak of the "Race of Freeza", only the two are the only ones with abnormal levels of combat and cruelty.""

What we therefore call "race" is nothing more than a hybrid species that emerged from a random spontaneous mutation, an exception to the universe. And on the other hand, did you know these words from Toriyama? Let us know with a comment below.

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