It's time to say goodbye to Goku and Vegeta who stayed on Beerus' planet after their defeat at the hands of Black Freeza. The two adults have to leave the main stage for a while to leave them to two young heroes: Goten and Trunks start a new Dragon Ball Super saga directly related to the movie Super Hero.

Of course, new characters have also arrived to accompany the two boys on their adventure, both academic and heroic. The official Dragon Ball website has shared the names - in Japanese - of the characters that will take center stage in this Goten and Trunks saga. here are the Names of Goten and Trunks' classmateswith the translations of the names and their derivation in this list:

  • Starting from the left and in order, there is Scale (derived from Libra);
  • Then there's Rulah (Japanese way of saying "ruler", ruler);
  • The tall blond boy is Kompas (from "compass");
  • Then there are the already familiar Trunks and Goten now teenagers;
  • chalk follows (derived from the word chalk);
  • The penultimate girl is Flyer (Flyer) instead;
  • Finally, there's May, already well known to longtime Dragon Ball fans.

Then the names of the new ones Goten and Trunks' classmates are based on objects commonly used in class. For example, remember Eraza, Gohan's classmate, a direct allusion to the English word eraser. The first three are Trunks' classmates, while the two on Goten's right are the latter's classmates and are also visually smaller than the others.

Additionally, as several fans have pointed out, some of them appear to be directly inspired by characters from Marvel movies. like Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man: Welcome to the Spider Verse. Do you like the names and references of these new Dragon Ball Super characters that will surely be very present in the next saga?

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