magazine Weekly shonen jump Hosts some of the most famous mangas in the world: ONE PIECE, Naruto, Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya are just a few of the titles in the great catalog of the Japanese magazine. But which of the Jump series is the scariest and most dangerous villain? A survey finally gives you the answer.

The works that distinguish the flagship in-house magazine Shueisha Today they are an icon of the Japanese comics scene, as well as the titles that accompanied the childhood and growth of millions of fans around the world. But what are the most powerful and dangerous villains ever imagined in the history of the magazine?

The boys from Futabanet Manga Plus They tried to answer the question through a poll that made it possible to create a top 10 devoted entirely to the bad guys from Weekly Shonen Jump. The ranking in question therefore follows:

  1. Gold Medal for Freeza from Dragon Ball, Jump's favorite villain;
  2. On the second place Muzan from Demon Slayer;;
  3. Bronze medal for Raoul, the enemy of Ken the warrior;
  4. Majin Buu from Dragon Ball;
  5. Meruem from Hunter x Hunter;
  6. God of Jojo's bizarre adventure;
  7. Piccolo from Dragon Ball;
  8. Also from Dragon Ball, Cell;
  9. Toguro Minor by Yu Yu Hakusho;
  10. Tied in tenth place three characters: Aizen from Bleach, Kars from Jojo and Akuma Shogun from Kinnikuman: Ultimate Muscle;

And on the other hand, do you agree with this ranking? If not, please share your personal top 10 in the comment section.

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