The series Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegale Surprises related to characters we met in the main series are no stranger. In fact, in the final chapter, after the dangerous clash between Pop Step, The Crawler and Number Six, one of the best pro heroes, Endeavor, entered the scene.

This split takes place a few years before the events of the regular series and gives Kohei Horikoshi the opportunity to do so Immerse yourself in the past and origins of many heroes, whom we knew through the eyes of Midoriya, but we also know that Endeavor was never a positive character as, in order to become better than All Might, he sacrificed his relationships with his family, especially his son Shoto.

In previous chapters Pop Step has officially become a villainGiven the damage caused to the Quirk Queen Bee after a furious crisis and to counter it, the young Endeavor was called in. By destroying an entire neighborhood with a massive fire tornado, Enji managed to find his way into The Crawler and Pop Step, and as seen in Chapter 83, he doesn't seem to want to stop.

See the crawler costume Endeavor cannot control himself and unleashes one of his most powerful attacks, the Raging Assault Hell Minefield, which also hits number six. Recall that Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegals met Batman with a lovely Easter egg and that a fan imagined what All Might would look like in reality.

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