The intervention of the Pro Heroes put an end to the chaotic fight between the Crawler and Number 6 that brought panic and destruction to the city of Naruhata. However, Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals it had left readers holding their breath by suspecting a character's death.

The protagonist of Vigilante My Hero Academia was struck by Number 6's latest suicide attack and was on the brink of death. However, as we see in Chapter 124 of the spin-off, Eraserhead's intervention was crucial. Koichi is still alive and lies in a hospital bed.

After Koichi was updated on his situation and general situation likes to have visitors and unexpected. The other two protagonists of Vigilante are also alive, and one of them goes to Crawler. let's talk about pop stepaka Kazuho Hanemaya, which belonged to Queen Bee.

Even if this event is long ago, Kazuho is still in a wheelchair. Even under these conditions, he decides to meet up with Koichi, and while unable to say a word, he donates an All Might sweatshirt. However, Crawler claims he intends to retire and never use it.

Pop Step was holding back his true feelings, but after one emotional breakdown succeeds get up and run to his koichi. When he returns to him, he finds that the boy has already put on the sweatshirt he had just been given. When Kazuho sees him, he bursts into tears again hugs Koichi. How will the relationship between the two develop?

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