Started in January 2023, there are only a few episodes left by the end of the second season of Tokyo Revengers. But after the arc's epilogue pitting the Tokyo Manji Gang against the Black Dragoon, will there be a sequel? Here's what we know Future of the anime series produced by LIDEN FILMS.

Although Tokyo Revengers 2 fell short of expectations, the animated adaptation generated theKen Wakui's work is also one of the network's most appreciatedwhich is why fans want news about the future of anime right now.

At the moment, There is nothing official about Tokyo Revengers Season 3, but maybe there will be news about this when the 13th and final episode of the second season is broadcast. In any case, the path that the animated series will take is already clear.

Logically, given Toman's popularity, the animated series will continue. The first and second seasons of Tokyo Revengers comprised 73 and 44 chapters of the manga, respectively. With the defeat of the Black Dragoon, Takemichi's adventure continues with the Arc of Tenjiku, told in 64 chapters in the manga. Probably because of that The third season of Tokyo Revengers will have a similar duration as the first, namely 20 episodes.

In the fifth saga of the Tokyo Revengers Takemitchi faces off against the Tenjiku, a gang set on outclassing rivals from across Japan. The Tokyo Manji Gang are expecting more fights.

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