During the live broadcast of the "MADOSOFT LIVE 2020" special event, the planning of an animated customization project for the visual novel was developed and distributed by Madosoft, Hamidashi Creative. Further details will be announced shortly. However, a fundraiser to support production will take place in 2021.

On the other hand, on August 14, 2020, Madosoft released the 30-50 hour long visual novel in Japan, which is aimed only at adults. It was later introduced in China and South Korea in September and October.

The scenario was written by Katsuki junnosuke with the help of Mikasa Natsuhisawhile the character designs were done by Utsunomiya Tsumire and the soundtrack was composed by Matsumu.

Hamidashi creative summary

The stations stop at the end of June. Izumi Tomohiro is widely known for being anti-social. He spends his days quietly in the corner of his classroom ... or so it should be. “Congratulations on your choice! It has been decided that now you will be the next President of the Student Council! "

A lottery poll was held on the initiative of the school and Tomohiro was the lucky bastard to win the prize! Suddenly in the spotlight, it unanimously became the talk of the school. Since he could not retire, he began to recruit partners with the help of his advisor. However, the candidates your advisor has nominated are peers who don't even take school seriously. Is fate in the midst of the chaos? Is that inevitable?

Source: Official Twitter account

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