The pictures of the Manga de Attacks on Titan are known to be dirty and scratchy. The protagonists moved in this brutal world, accompanied by a style that is so crude, but also extremely effective. Over time, this way of drawing Hajime Isayama has undoubtedly been refined and improved to this day.

However, there are those who have relied on the characters from The Attack of the Giants and wanted to reinterpret them in their own way with a completely different artistic style. The fan and painter Shimhaq98 did that on Reddit a few days ago shared eight painted illustrations They dedicate them to some of the nine special giants in the world of the attack on Titan.

Down in the gallery on the social network, yes can see Reiner Braun's armored giants, Eren Jaeger's attack giant, Zeke's giant beast and all the others we've seen now thanks to the anime with the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants, but without the founding giant that we only saw briefly in the hands of Frieda Reiss in the past .

With a Very gray tone and dull colors that add to the feeling of deathThese eight paintings have been very successful on Reddit. The result is really top-class. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Series of the Titan Shifter pictures that I took by r / ShingekiNoKyojin

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