The rise of the shield hero It was a bit like the 2019 Revolution, a series that managed to be incredibly successful at home and in the west. This has guaranteed the franchise what it needs to offer the public a second season of television that will premiere later this year.

The latest update on the status of The Rising of the Shield Hero was dated last September when the anime's producer, Junichiro Tamura, clarified where the new season's production was. Since then the team has made great strides, and eventually so has Kitrus Study was able to show when the new episodes of the anime will be released. Before proceeding, we recommend that you check out our review of The Rising of the Shield Hero if you missed it.

Well, therefore, it has been officially confirmed that the Season 2 will be released next Octoberthat is, during the fall session. The team also reminded that the third season has also gone into production, so we can't wait two years for the second series to end. So we have to wait a few more months before we can admire the adventures of Naufumi and her group again in a new series of episodes.

On the other hand, are you eagerly awaiting the debut of the new season? As usual, please let us know with a comment below, but not before you check out the slavery topic in The Rise of the Shield Hero.

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