Anime FactoryKoch Media's label, associated with Japanese animation, is a reality that is gaining ground more and more haunted in Bel Paese territory. In fact, the company screwed up a long campaign of acquisitions to expand the company's anime catalog.

Almost a month ago, the distributor announced the purchase of the rights to Yuhei Sakuragi's latest film. "Even if the world ends tomorrow - The relative words". The film will also soon be released in a home video edition next September 24th Complete with 6 trading cards and an exclusive 24-page brochure with specials and interviews. Anime Factory describes the plot of the film as follows:

Shin is a student from Tokyo. One day he is approached by Jin, a boy who is identical in appearance and who claims to come from another world. According to Jin, there is a world opposite to ours in which Japan is a kingdom ruled by the despotic Princess Kotoko. Jin came to Tokyo to eliminate Kotoko. To do this, he must kill Kotori, Shin's closest friend, who is the princess's counterpart in this world. "

In addition to the feature film, the final chapter of the Project Itoh trilogy is added, a project dedicated to changing the novels of in animated form Sastoshi Itoh. Also the box of "The organ of genocide"will debut on September 24th with a number of extras including a brochure, maxi-card and many other items. The synopsis of the film is:

"After the destruction of Sarajevo by a self-made nuclear device, the world's most important democracies have turned into police states. In this global context, in which conflicts are multiplying, Special Agent Clavis Shepherd is responsible for discovering the cause of these genocides and ultimately turning them into a reality that he could never have imagined. "

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