Despite the manga by The promised Neverland The writer Kaiu Shirai, who died a few months ago, and the illustrator Posuka Demizu further expand the narrative background with a few special prequel chapters. The most recent is dedicated to the story of Isabella.

The additional chapter of The Promised Neverland dedicated to Isabella is highlighted sensational breakthrough for this woman records the finale of the opera. The orphanage mother who was promoted to grandmother actually used her new position to recruit members for her cause, and revealed how deeply she thought of Emma and the other children.

In the special chapter we can see in detail how Isabella is doing used his new position to recruit other mothers. The other mothers were jealous of the new role that was entrusted to her and wanted to get Isabella out of the way. However, she appealed to the fact that they were all fed up with this situation and convinced her "colleagues" to rebel against the demons.

When children can have a happy future The credit goes to Isabella, was considered the main opponent until almost the end of the story. What do you think of this character? Meanwhile, another additional chapter reveals the past and secrets of Krone from The Promised Neverland. Let's find out why Ray is considered one of The Promised Neverland's most tragic Shonen heroes.

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