In the latest issue of the magazine jump v An interview was shared with the producer of the franchise Dragon Ball great, Akio Iyoku, who commented, among other things, that a new project for the franchise was already in production. Several points were highlighted by translators on social networks, for example that the conversations surrounding the production of the film were highlighted Dragon Ball Super: Superhero launched in 2017, a year before the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Dragon Ball great

For Super Hero, the script took two years to go from the first to the last version, that is, the final version. From the first treatment, the participation of the Red Patrol was already considered, but the leading roles of Son Gohan and PΓ­coro were decided later. The visual style prompted the production to opt for "Gamma Androids" which rendered faster in CG animation.

In another note on early notions of Piccolo as the lead, it is revealed that Iyoku had to go to great lengths to convince Toriyama that Gohan should also play a lead. Early ideas only showed him supporting Picoro in the final fight. Finally, the interview confirms that the next film in the franchise is already in the works and that "Toriyama can keep doing Dragon Ball like this for a long timeβ€œ.

An interesting fact is that the interview also points out: β€œthe positioning of this movie in the timeline' from the Dragon Ball Super Manga and explains:

  • Between this movie and Toyotaro-sensei's manga, we currently have two series of Dragon Ball Super going. First of all, this film is only written as a sequel to Broly. We wanted to collect and meet the expectations of everyone who has stayed with Dragon Ball so far, along the lines of "It would be great if this happened" or "I hope this type of character comes along". And on the pages of this magazine we have the continuation of the story of Goku and Vegeta. We will see new powerful enemies appear, and new stories, and events will continue to progress. Of course, Toriyama also diligently monitors the manga's storylines, so it's like we have parallel events.
  • In terms of timeline placement, we try not to build things too strictly; We want to leave leeway in the story to allow for more freedom. For example, Broly was an original anime character himself, brought into the world of the main series by Toriyama's own hand, and it's exactly these kinds of fringes left in the world of fiction that allowed him to to experiment. In short: "It's more interesting that way!"

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Summary

Son Goku then destroyed the Red Patrol. Now certain individuals have decided to continue his legacy and created the ultimate androids: Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two androids call themselves "superheroes" and decide to attack Piccolo and Gohan. What is the goal of the new Red Patrol? With danger looming, it's time for the superhero to wake up!

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