The composer of Zombieland Saga gave hints for the second season

The composer has his official Twitter account Yasuharu Takanashi released: "I feel very close to the start of season two," referring to the original anime Zombieland saga.

However, no new information has been released about the season 2 production that will carry the title Zombieland Saga Revengeand the official announcement was made in July 2019. The first season premiered in October 2018 and had 12 episodes produced by the studios. MAPPA.

Cast of votes

  • Mamoru Miyano like Koutarou Tatsumi.
  • Kaede Hondo like Sakura Minamoto.
  • Asami Tano like Saki Nikaidou.
  • Risa Taneda like Ai Mizuno.
  • Maki Kawase like Junko Konno.
  • Rika Kinugawa like Yuugiri.
  • Minami Tanaka like Lily Hoshikawa.

Production team

  • Munehisa Sakai (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor moon crystal) directed the first season in the animation studios MAPPA.
  • Shigeru Murakoshi was responsible for writing and monitoring the series scripts.
  • Kazumi Fukagawa He served as a character designer.
  • The anime is a collaboration between the animation studio MAPPA (Kakegurui, Yuri !!! on ice, Inuyashiki), Avex pictures and Cygames.

Zombieland Saga Synopsis

The anime follows Sakura Minamoto, who dreams of becoming an idol, but a truck has something to say about it. A long time later she wakes up as a zombie and is greeted by Kotaro Tatsumi, who introduces himself as the manager of a new idol group of zombies.

Source: Official Twitter account

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