As he demonstrated in the last chapter, Hajime Isayama leaves nothing to chance in his greatest masterpiece. The attack of the giants. According to Tokyo University students, the overall narrative style of the work makes it extremely useful for studying the history of the world.

The Japanese website Nikkan SPA! tried to answer the question of why the Tokyo University students who read The Giants' Attack see the work as that best "book to know the history of the world". An excerpt of the article in question, written by a student at the above university, explains this statement by analyzing the contents of the manga and the following:

""Why is the portrayal of The Attack of the Giants so real? All in all, human activities such as policies and strategies for dealing with the giants are flawed, but they are detailed in great detail. The feeling of desperation to see people flee from the giants is the first thing the reader will notice, but if we pay more attention we can see a great attention to detail in the facial expressions.

[...]I think that's because of his attitude towards the real world. With that in mind, when we look at world news and the past, we can see inspiration in some ways. Accidents and social phenomena are very similar in nature to the events of the show and also to the events of the present era. Hence, the attack by the giants is actually a reflection of today's society as a whole. In other words, I think it means that society is represented in the world of attack by the giants, and that is why it is a subject worth studying.""

The article then continues with:

""Through this work you can learn about domination and discrimination. In the original manga, the truth behind the various secrets is slowly revealed as new chapters are released, but the main theme will always be the conflict between Eldiani and Marley. The Eldians are a people who belonged to an empire many years ago and who managed to dominate as many. They are both feared and despised, although hundreds of years have passed since then. While there were people in Marley who were once dominated, now they have turned the tables. The question of the method of control is something worth exploring, which, for example, facilitates an understanding of the strained international relations between nations that were once dominated by others. "

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