The attack of the giants 4: revealed the titles of the anime’s next episodes

The attack of the giants 4 has finally started its run and from this morning the first episode with Italian subtitles is also available on VVVVID. Studio MAPPA responded satisfactorily to the appeal with an excellent episode on a visual and acoustic level. But what can we expect in the coming weeks?

Fans following the story exclusively from the anime front will have been held in suspense by this sudden shift in the spotlight. The protagonists of the episode were, in fact, Marley's soldiers who fought with the Middle East Army that came after the Defeat of the armored giant and the giant beast on the island of Paradis. Anyway, you can take a deeper look into the episode in our review of the 4x01 from Attack of the Giants 4, which analyzes in detail the episode that just aired on VVVVID.

In addition, in the morning on the network, the insiders shared the leaks of the titles of the next three episodes of the anime, taking into account the week-long break at the end of episode 4. The titles in question follow:

  • Episode 61 (4X02) = "Midnight train";
  • Episode 62 (4X03) = "The door of hope";
  • Episode 63 (4X04) = "From one hand to the other";

The last of them also responds to Title of chapter 97 of the manga This, if found out, would confirm the average of roughly one and a half chapters adjusted for each episode. As for you, what do you think of these titles instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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