The fourth season ofAttack of the giants It's finally coming to a head, revealing the Research Corps' first attack on Marley's nation. This was possible thanks to the secret correspondence between Eren and his companions, thanks to the help of the young and naive Falco, who was deeply disappointed.

Falco is one of the new characters introduced in season four and one of the young Eldian soldiers who are training inherit the powers of the nine giantsas in the past for Reiner, Annie and Bertholdt. The constant threats and attacks from other nations and above all the ever closer and more concrete danger that Ymir's children poseGive Falco and his companions little time to prepare for the brutal forces of the giants and to get used to them.

The last episode showed us a quiet conversation between Eren and Reiner, in which the owner of the attack giant pointed out that he has many things in common with his old friend. Falco also discovered that he had helped Marley's worst enemies. The boy cannot bear this revelation, feels terribly guilty of the country to which he is so connected and is saddened by the actions of Eren, who led him to his clever and devious farce.

Remember that the "new" Eren received a very loyal cosplay and that the death of a character was announced.

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