The history of The attack of the giants has focused heavily on Eren Jaeger in the last few chapters and is a necessary and fundamental point of view for the future of the manga. The finale is approaching and the protagonist continues to grow in importance, but in chapter 131 he wasn't the only character to be in the spotlight.

While Eren thinks and admires what he's doing, he turns to Armin mentally. The protagonist of The Attack of the Giants actually learned about the outside world and its wonders thanks to his childhood friend, with whom he appears to be psychologically connected. With a transition in the last part of The Giants' Attack 131, Isayama shifts the focus from Eren to Armin.

The boy has recovered on the ship after treating the injuries sustained in the harbor attack and finds himself arguing face-to-face with Annie. Many arguments emerge during the speech, but one of them attracts special attention as it clearly suggests that the two of them could start a romantic couple from here to the end of the manga. Although they have practically declared each other, there has not yet been any clear progress, also due to the serious situation threatening the existence of humanity on earth. You imagined you had seen Armin and Annie together?

With Attack of the Giants 132, will we see Armin and Eren face each other for the end of the story?

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