In the years, Sword art online He has been confirmed time and again by fans of the genre as one of the most popular Isekai. In addition to the major fights, the relationship between Kirito and Asuna is an integral part of the success of Reki Kawahara's work.

During the first few episodes of the series, Kirito tended to isolate himself from relationships, and the relationship with Asuna was purely commercial. Pushed by the coordinators of a robbery, the two boys ended up as a couple to defeat a powerful boss. After this event, Kirito returned to distance herself from Asuna despite her attempted relationship. But given their shared passion for food, the two boys join in. After numerous exams and heart-pounding events Kirito and Asuna fall in love. The virtual world gives them the opportunity to live for each other and adopt an artificial intelligence called Yui.

In the second part of Sword Art Online, Asuna's role changes to that of a woman in need. The girl is locked in another game world and when Kirito finds out what happened, the journey in search of her begins. In the movie Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, Asuna's figure rises as her fighting skills are highlighted. The relationship between Kirito and Asuna It's not the core essence of Sword Art OnlineIn essence, however, their connection is fundamental to the emotional part of the series. If you loved Asuna's character, you will love this Sword Art Online cosplay too. With the conclusion of season three, writer Reki Kawahara revealed which Sword Art Online story arc was the most difficult to write.

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