One of the most interesting and flamboyant announcements DC Comics made over the past week was the three volume miniseries of Superman versus Lobo, written by Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie and designed by Mirka Andolfo, which will be available in a more curated, prestigious edition from August 24th.

Over the years there have been several collaborations and even clashes between the man of steel and the extravagant Czarnian, created in 1983 by Keith Giffen and Roger Sliferand although they belong to two completely different narrative styles, Lobo is increasingly associated with Superman. Just think of his appearance in the latest animated film Superman: The Man of Tomorrow, which was released in September 2020.

Below is the official description of the series by DC Verlag: β€œWhat happens when an indomitable force meets an irritating object? This is what readers will discover when Superman faces Lobo when the series opens in August. Superman versus Lobo! What will be worse? The damage Lobo will do or the confusion trying to stop him? I envision a team, guys! Or will it be a disaster? After all, Lobo is involved! "

Then the publisher went into the authors behind the project and went into more detail about the plot: "From the writers Tim Seely and Sarah BeattieThe team behind indie hit Money Shot and punchline artist Mirka Andolfo have a fun and epic superhero story wrapped in three volumes with more pages than the standard. Numen is the most famous being in the universe, a god who exaggerates in the use of social channels and does not seem to take it lightly when he sees the enormous attention that is paid to Superman and Lobo. To complicate matters even further, there is Dr. Flik, ​​a scientist determined to investigate the last children of Krypton and Czarnia. What can he learn about the hero whose homeworld was destroyed when he was a baby and the bad boy who instead made everything disappear just for fun? "

Recall that the Superman comics are set to change fundamentally from this summer, and we let you discover a hidden side of Clark Kent that emerged in the new Red and Blue series.

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