With the airing of the second episode on March 31, 2022 Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission gone off the radar. Eventually, however, the non-canonical anime will make its extraordinary, majestic return to the stage. What shocking transformation will we witness this time?

In the last few months, all resources from TOEI animation were cast in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Now that the anime film has made its extraordinary debut in Japanese theaters, the Japanese company has been able to resume pending projects.

For those who don't remember what happened before, in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission, the Space Time Tournament has come to an end. THE Z Warriors and Xeno Warriorsthey must now face the truth.

The protagonists have largely discovered this Evil project by Aios, the former Kaioshin of the time. Furious at the discovery, Xeno Trunks has launched an attack on one of the mysterious Warriors in Black, an enigmatic organization serving the antagonist. The official name of one of the Warriors in Black from Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission has been revealed.

In the third episode, which debuts on June 30th, Xeno Trunks will continue to fight against his former teacher. Mirai Gohan. The episode is titled "A Fierce Time-Beating Battle! The Menace of the Warriors in Black!".

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