Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Face to face between # 17 and Super # 17 in the new promo

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a non-canon commercial series in which the most popular characters in the franchise appear indiscriminately. With his resounding return, he's one of the most powerful and beloved villains of Dragon Ball GT.

The new trailer for Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission 4 has been revealed the arrival at the battle of Super C-17, Dragon Ball GT antagonist. Born from the merger of the original C-17 and a copy of it that Doctor Gelo made in the underworld, this extraordinary enemy even got Goku Super Saiyan 4 in trouble.

In the promo we can admire the encounter between # 17 and its improved and evil version. When the two stare almost in disbelief on the battlefield, the clip suddenly ends a close up of Super C-17. We still can't see much of the character's appearance other than wearing a cursed mask linked to the villains of the new Super Dragon Ball Heroes story arc.

Keep in mind that in Dragon Ball GT, this evil creature was only defeated through the collaboration between Goku and # 18. Will follow C-17 in face his alter ego? Fu's insane plan in Super Dragon Ball Heroes has put the entire multiverse at risk. But it's not just Super # 17 that helps Fu with his mission. Another old acquaintance will return in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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