Studio Ghibli returns to the cinema winning Covid, which grossed 2.62 billion yen in three months

TOHO revealed that a few hours ago Nausicaä from the valley of the wind, The enchanted city, Princess Mononoke is Stories from Terramare, the four Studio Ghibli films shown in Japanese cinemas after the post-Covid reopening, They raised an impressive 2.62 billion yen (21 million euros) from June 26th to the end of September.

It's a colossal figure With an average of 650 million yen per film, totally unexpected as the films were shown in fewer than 400 theaters. Additionally, the films recently landed on Netflix around the world, another reason why Hayao Miyazaki's team didn't seem to expect such success.

For Studio Ghibli, this is an almost perfectly clean setting. because the team only had to incur minimal costs for the distribution of the films. None of the four films made it into the top 5 most-viewed films in July, August, and September (dominated by Tenet, Doraemon, and Violet Evergarden), although The Enchanted City briefly took first place at the box office on the first weekend after launch.

Studio Ghibli will release one final film, Earwig and the Witch, before the end of the year. The film is shot in 3DCG by Goro Miyazaki and produced by Toshio Suzuki. The release date is set to the generic month of December.

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