In the new comic series dedicated to the universe of war of stars The writers decided to tell the events that separate what can be seen in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In doing so, they mainly focused on the character of Luke Skywalker and his growth from the teachings of Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda.

In the last volume of Path of destiny, a series by Charles Soule, Luke traveling to Cloud City with Princess Leila and Lando Carlissian has decided to part with them for a moment to take care of personal matters. The young padawan did indeed want to get his father's lightsaberand in doing so he came across a mysterious figure.

It's Verla, a Jedi, to be precise, who almost immediately checks Luke's mind and learns the true identity of Luke, the son of the mighty Darth Vader. Review of the tragic events of Order 66 and the subsequent fall of the Galactic Republic, In revenge, Verla decides to kill Lukeand drowned him.

As we know, our young Jedi is not lacking in happiness that comes instantly rescued by his trusty droid R2-D2as you can see in the tables on the series' official website. Recall that a younger Yoda was shown in the High Republic than was seen in the movies, and we'll leave it to our special project, Luminous.

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