Spy x Family made its explosive debut in this spring season, along with many other anime. While many were waiting for Kaguya-sama and Shield Hero, two very welcome returnees, there were those who were immediately intrigued by the first trailer featuring the full Forger family.

However, the trio of protagonists was not immediately complete. The first episode of Spy x Family featured the encounter between the Twilight spy, now born Loid Forger, and little Anya, a child who can read minds. The two start a family so the spy can activate the Styx operation, which could prevent a war between Westalia and Ostania. However, the family is missing an important person: the mother.

In the second episode of Spy x Family, Yor makes his debut, a single woman who can't seem to find a husband. The reason is also that the woman is actually a murderess and therefore cannot afford certain bonds. She will then develop a special relationship with Loid to find cover. How fans reacted to Yor's entry into the anime? Very positive: the assassin's charm struck everyone and the scenes with Loid left their mark, in an amusing marriage between seriousness and humor. And did you like Yor's entry into the anime?

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