While the anime adaptation of Spy x family With the end of the first course fast approaching and with only one final episode to air, it's time for the Forger family to celebrate. After recent events, Operation Stryx is nearing success. However, Twilight's plans are disrupted by a newcomer to the house.

In Spy x Family 1x11, Anya gets a Stellae for her bravery that allowed her save a child's life who was about to drown in a swimming pool. Back at Eden Academy, the Little Forger meets Becky, who explains that she deserves a treat and waves to her little dog. Meanwhile, the anime Spy x Family is accused of having too many fillers.

Anya's childish thoughts immediately turn to her father's mission. Damian also owns a dog, what if Forger had a chance to let her dog play domestic animal with that of her classmate, then Twilight could finally bring peace to the world.

At home, Anya asks her adoptive parents for permission adopt a puppy, as long as it is small and cute to avoid the unhealthy ideas of Loid and Yor. The two welcome the request, and Loid promises they'll be visiting a pet store soon.

Towards the end of the episode we see a mysterious place where several abused dogs are imprisoned. In particular, the anime focuses on a large dog with a thick white coat. He seems to have this in mind with the counterfeiters. What will that mean?

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