Just a month before the premiere, Spy x Family is already one of the most popular animes. The hilarious comedy about the Forger family has managed to win over audiences eagerly awaiting the weekly release of episodes. Here's what will happen in the fifth episode ofAnime adaptation by WIT Studio and CloverWorks.

In Spy x Family 1x04, the counterfeiters faced a test of high elegance. For the Success of Operation Strix, Agent Twilight needs her adopted daughter, Anya, to gain entry to Eden College. However, the three family members had to face the exams of the caretaker of the renowned institute.

At the end of a long interview Dad Loid's patience was being tried. Blinded by rage, Twilight forgets the first rule of a good spy and goes to the sword to defend her fake family. The mission appears to have failed, but the graceful caretaker's benevolence is providential.

Episode 5, which will be simulcast to Crunchyroll on Saturday May 7th, 2022, is titled Will They Pass or Fail, and as you can tell by the name will decide the fate of Operation Strix and the Forger family. As we can see in the preview clip, why does Loid have to dodge a kick from his wife Yor?

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