At the moment the anime is from Spy x Family is the most talked about the season. The work of WIT Studio and Cloverworks is commendable and bearing fruit, and viewers look forward to watching the subtitled Crunchyroll episodes every Saturday. And the web demonstrates all the consideration for this product.

The cosplays of Loid and Yor, but also of little Anya, are ubiquitous on the web and are proposed in every sauce by different cosplayers, both amateur and professional. The world did not let go of the beauty and the sympathetic way of doing Forger family, with the three components that can now be found everywhere. Since fan imagination is always limitless, there are those who have tried to revive Spy x Family but in 90's style.

However, the fan art has been enriched thanks to the contribution of Hanavbara who, with this in mind, has decided to give his own 80's and 90's version of Loid and Yor. Using the design style that existed at the time, particularly for romcom and similar stories, he decided to take the two main liars from Spy x Family by reimagining them with this new character design. We'll never see Yor and Loid like this in anime, but now this drawing has gone viral.

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