Studio MAPPA was busy with itChainsaw Man Anime. Despite having twelve episodes that only adapted the first story arcs of the manga, the product was liked despite some criticism. This is backed up by our review of Chainsaw Man, which confirms how well Denji and Co performed during their introduction.

Obviously there is still a big piece of history to tell, that will come later. Because despite the flop of the Chainsaw Man DVDs in the Japanese market, the series seems to have convincing numbers in the other categories to allow Studio MAPPA to continue production. But when will it happen?

There are no dates for one yet Transmission of Chainsaw Man season 2 There is also no concrete news about its development, although Studio MAPPA has always stated from the beginning that it took care of the implementation of the entire first part of the manga. Meanwhile, a first novelty arrives on Weekly Shonen Jump that could lead in this direction.

Leakers who got their hands on the manga magazine noticed a promotional page entirely dedicated to the anime. According to the first shared information, this site says that there will be special information for Chainsaw Manis coming next week with the release of number 14. The date for fans to mark on the calendar is therefore March 5, 2023, although as usual some leaks could arrive several days in advance early next month.

Obviously, it's not certain that this is the Chainsaw Man season 2 announcement, but the fact remains that something important for the series is about to come.

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