Spawn: McFarlane surprises fans with the return of a character

Last week after holding a live on Facebook was the author of Spawn rushed to social media to announce Gunslinger's return. The character, which first appeared in issue 109 of the magazine, is the victim of an ancestral curse - much like the one that plagued Al Simmons.

McFarlane added the cover of the next issue, which featured Gunslinger, to his tweet and says he's impatient to watch reader feedback. Issue No. 309 will hit stores on August 26th. Below is the publisher's official summary:

"In the first part of Consequence of Sin, Todd McFarlane and Ken Lashley expand the universe of Spawn further. Faced with an uncertain future and legacy of Medieval Spawn - Spawn, She-Spawn and Reaper begin their offensive. A historical ally has shown his true nature, while Cogliostro assembles an army and a new deadly recruit ... Gunslinger Spawn "

Spawn officially returned to release on June 24thafter a stalemate imposed by the coronavirus.

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