Considering the absence of several fairly relevant superheroes from the events of Infinite Frontier, some of which have nonetheless found their place in the recent Future State series, DC Comics has announced the return of Billy Batson Shazam, with a miniseries consisting of four volumes, planned for the month of July.

Written by Tim Sheridan and drawn by Clayton Henry, this is what this new story looks like an extension of what was said at the Teen Titans Academy. Billy is concerned that his powers are becoming more and more unreliable what happened to the Rock of Eternity and the Wizard. He goes to the academy to look for answers and starts doing it An adventure that will have a big impact on the other students and on Titan Island as a whole.

The beginning of the story could lead to the dramatic events that take place in both Future State: Teen Titans and Future State: Shazam! It shows where Billy, who is gripped by a deep crisis, physically separates from Shazam and becomes Prisoner in the rock of eternityand in order for the entity to remain free to accumulate negative energy with which it kills several characters from the DC Universe.

The first volume in the miniseries will be released on July 20th and there will be three different versions available, the covers of which you can find the covers in the news below. Recall that a legendary DC hero has given up his powers, and we let you discover the identity of the new leader of the suicide squad.

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