The "Pegasus Lightning", complete with Seiya's scream attached, is one of the moves left impressed by those who have seen or read Saint Seiya. Masami Kurumada's work has remained in history and continues today with spin-off manga or remakes such as the one created by Netflix recently. But imagine the protagonists with different attacks?

Seiya is now one with the constellation of Pegasus, Sirius with that of the Dragon, Hyoga with that of the Swan and so on. Why did Masami Kurumada choose these constellations for the protagonists of Saint Seiya, among all eighty-eight those available? The answer comes from an old mangaka interview where we discover some curiosities about Saint Seiya creation process.

Kurumada stressed that, upon careful consideration, in reality the available constellations were not exactly eighty-eight. For example, he discarded the constellations of the Compass and the Pneumatic Machine, which ended up being assigned to Pyxis and Antlia. Besides these, naturally he also discarded those of the twelve zodiac signs that he had long ago decided to assign to a group of enemies.

At the end of the process, he gathered around ten constellations which he deemed usable. Between these he chose the five famous ones of Pegaso, Dragone, Cigno, Andromeda and Fenice, leaving five more out. The rest left outside were dedicated to a group of outsiders such as Jabu, Ichi and the others. By the way, Jabu could be one of the main characters however he was too hot and was discarded, since that role was already of Pegasus. In the end, according to Kurumada, the choice was excellent.

The author also spoke of the armor of Saint Seiya and their creation.

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