While working on his greatest masterpiece Saint Seiya: The Knights of the ZodiacMasami Kurumada sketched an imaginary with a mystical and mythological atmosphere. The mythical armor actually overturns the usual typology of the attack genre in favor of a distinct and exciting defensive component.

It is precisely for this reason that the author has envisioned different types of armor, starting with the three most famous and well-known forms within the franchise: those of bronze, silver and gold. But in which properties are they most noticeable?

  • The bronze armors are the icons of the franchise, or rather those that the protagonists have earned through their diverse experiences around the world. Despite the name that entitles them They are actually colorful and lively and each is different in the various characteristics that made the place of discovery different. However, they are among the least resilient armor and do not cover much of the abdomen and upper knee area. They also tend to freeze at an average temperature of around -190 ° C;
  • Those of silver, on the other hand, are among the knights of a higher rank than those of bronze and are the result of decent advancement in resistance. The temperature at which they resist freezing drops to -210 ° C, and the remains now cover a more common part of the abdomen and legs.
  • The Gold armor They are the most fascinating of the first part of the work, characterized by a magnificent and bright color. They are undoubtedly the most elaborate of the three types, and each of the 12 remains of the zodiac is aesthetically different because of the house it represents. They cover most of the body and leave little open space. Their resistance to knocks and blows is almost complete. As if that weren't enough, there is no such thing as the cold that lasts as they only freeze at absolute zero (-273.16 ° C);

We know that Kurumada had to develop the divine armor in order to bypass the now too high powers of the golden remains and to guarantee the protagonists further scope for improvement. And what is your favorite armor instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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