The epic of Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac It is a work that enjoys popularity and success with few precedents. In fact, Masami Kurumada created great imagery that, despite Next Dimension's numerous interruptions, has helped educate thousands of fans around the world.

Even with an often alcohol-dependent work routine, the sensei was able to carefully sketch out great nuances of a series that made Greek mythology its strong point. In addition, over the years the franchise has been enriched time and again with themed objects that have revitalized one of the most blooming goods of the rising sun. It is precisely for this reason that the various companies occasionally return to work to make different models, some of which are also particularly expensive.

Prime 1 Studio wanted to bring back one of the great protagonists of the holy Seiya, Sirius the dragonand he did it through a full-scale model that was 74 cm high. The young knight is portrayed with the intention of unleashing his iconic ace up his sleeve, the "Secret shot of the rising dragonHowever, the dimensions and the reproduction of the details tend to increase the price, which is around 1549 euros. Delivery is finally expected later this year.

As for you, what do you think of that great character of Sirius from Prime 1 Studio to admire at the end of the news instead? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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