The second part of Chainsaw Man took the manga on completely different tracks than the previous ones. The boy with the chainsaw head's constant battle against the devils was interrupted and introduced to young Asa Mitaka, who isn't doing much better. And so the two guys often cross paths.

The latest encounter, like the others, is certainly not the happiest: in fact, the city is threatened by the arrival of the Fallen Devil, a being that looks like a doll made up of different parts with a face with closed eyes and dripping blood, plus a chef's hat and suit . This phase of Chainsaw Man seemed designed to let go of Asa, who instead literally let herself go by throwing herself into the void. However, it was heryet another arrival of Denji, already transformed into the chainsaw devil. After trying in vain to defeat the demonic being, Denji grabbed Asa who was about to fall into the void and forced her to think of happy things, slowing her fall.

However, Asa wonders why he continues to live, so Denji begins to tell his life, how everything sucked, between betrayals and death, disappointments and bad situations that still won't leave him alone. However Denji wants to have sex, and that is his purpose in life. One thing that certainly didn't quite convince Asa considering the final scene features a disgusting verse from the girl. But who knows if Denji's words will make sense in the next chapter of Chainsaw Man.

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