All for One is running out of time. The villain of My hero academy She used Eri's power to reverse her own form, thus shedding the cracked and broken shell she had since facing All Might. So the terrifying villain of all time is back, but it won't be for much longer.

As time progresses in My Hero Academia, it becomes increasingly clear that there is a fierce resistance to All for One who cannot act fast enough to reach Tomura Shigaraki. In fact, the villain's goal is to recreate his own entity in the body of the student, who instead managed to repossess his body and overpower the supervillain's personality. The situation sees him getting younger and hence time is short, but first Tokoyami's attack and now a new unexpected event seems to have cornered him.

Gigantomachia is back in My Hero Academia 383 and most importantly, the brainwashing effect Shinso's quirk had on him. Most likely, the giant fell into the trap of the boy who appeared on the battlefield along with Kirishima. Gigantomachy has absolute power and everyone has had trouble containing it. Even for All for One at the top, fighting him won't be easy. However, it has to be said that Gigantomachia might also be able to break free from Shinso's mind control. Maybe not right away, but his goal is to gain as much time as possible.

My Hero Academia 383 will be released on March 12th at 16:00 on Manga Plus.

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